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    Located on the corner of 45th and Normal Place in Chicago, the Canaryville Little League has been a proud community organization since 1953. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the Little League is dedicated to caring for our youth by providing fun, safe, and enjoyable baseball and softball programs for boys and girls.

    The Canaryville Little League strongly believes that the key to winning is having self-motivated athletes who take care for their actions and their development as individuals. Our goal is to instill in our ballplayers the concept of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team spirit and respect for others so that they may become good citizens who positively contribute to our society. We thank all of our proud coaches, families, sponsors, donors, community members, and volunteers for creating a positive environment for many to enjoy!

  • Team Divisions

    Pee-Wees and Tee-Ball

    We start out young at the Canaryville Little League. Our Pee-Wees Division includes boys and girls between 3-4 years old, while our Tee-Ball Division consists of boys and girls, ages 5 and 6. Both divisions are instructional, as no score is kept. Games are played on Saturday mornings and early afternoons. Batters in each division hit off of the Tee. It's a fun way to start off one's career!

    Girls and Boys Minor

    Our next divisions up includes the 7-9 year old ballplayers. Here the boys branch off into baseball and the girls into softball. This division is more competitive, as scores are kept and there are 6 innings of play. Games are played during the week, most beginning at 5:00pm. Playoffs follow a 10 game regular season, with the championship game ending in shaving cream and two-liters being sprayed all over the teams.

    Girls and Boys Major

    Little League divisions take one more boost, as these two divisions include our 10-12 year olds (10-13 for girls). Fun, exciting, and a rush of energy is what describes this our Boys and Girls Major ballplayers, as their skills really take bloom. Games are played during the week, most beginning at 7:00pm. Many parents savor the moments before their ballplayers become teenagers, and memories are made all across the ballpark.

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    Standings for 2019 Season

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    Please email canaryvillelittleleague@gmail.com if you would like to become a sponsor for the 2019 Season! All of our sponsors play a large role in the Little League, as they help keep the registrations fees low and add to the fun throughout the season for all of our players and families to enjoy!

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  • Board Members

    2019 Season


    President - John Malabarba
    Vice President - Jamie Blackmore
    Jill Warno

    Genny Lanning-Malabarba

    Heather Lagomasini
    Dennis Guisti

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